Did you know?

91% of residents living in Los Angeles and Orange County do not know how to respond to an evacuation order and 80% would not know how they would be notified.

Tsunami Clear is here to help.

“The mapping efforts were very well received by Emergency Managers and immediately brought in additional interest. The strength of the visually appealing evacuation information was the key to the success and support by these community leaders. The National Weather Service’s daily warning operations and education outreach efforts would greatly benefit from the project by improving our mission of protecting livelihoods and property for a Weather-Ready Nation.”—Alex Tardy, Warning Coordination Meteorologist

National Weather Service

“TsunamiClear initiative is in line with National Weather Service, state, and local goals to recognize as TsunamiReady. This included development of public safety tsunami evacuation informational brochures using science-based, fully vetted State of California tsunami hazard inundation mapping.”—Kevin Miller, Tsunami Program Officer, Earthquake and Tsunami Branch 

California Office of Emergency Services